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Junked cars Junked Cars

Beartown Recycling LLC accepts any form of vehicle to help reduce the undue burden of waste on the environment. Trust in our over 30 years of industry experience to give you services for the highest quality and standard.

If you stay within a 20 mile radius from our location, we provide you with pickup services during business hours. Tires can be left on the vehicle, fluids must be drain.

We accept cars during business hours all day. Get in touch with us to find out more.

  • Top price for your recyclables

  • Pickup services during business hours

  • Experienced and friendly staff

  • Licensed and insured

We pay our customers top price for recyclables. So if you are looking for superior recycling services in Narvon, PA, look no further than Beartown Recycling LLC.

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Your Junked Cars Can be Worth More Than You Think

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